Recycled PoleZip Bag Campaign

Repurpose your PoleZips into personalized carrying bags for your company!

PoleZips are made out of a durable vinyl and heavy duty zippers. Once you are done using your PoleZips as advertising, we can repurpose them into useful carrying bags for you or your company. Purchase them as gifts or products for your employees, customers, or fundraisers.

Here’s how it works:

1. Arrange for pick-up of your used PoleZips.

2. Let us know the type of bag: tote, duffel, or both.

3. Your PoleZips will be washed and production will begin.

4. You will be notified on how many bags we yield from your recycled PoleZips.

5. We will ship your order to you.

(Call for Pricing) Shipping, handling and taxes not included

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