Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to common questions about PoleZips.

A. PoleZips is an innovative product. We have spent many years in research and development to be a leader of outdoor advertising products. Trust us…this was well worth the wait.

A. Polezips are allowed in many places where hanging pole banners are not! Please check with your town sign/banner ordinance program if you are not sure.

A. There is no minimum order, but your savings increase as your order quantity increases.

A. Simply follow our easy instruction guide. It should take under 5 minutes on average. No ladder or lift truck necessary.

A. Under 5 minutes even for first time users. Fastest set up time to date has been clocked at 42.5 seconds. Can you beat that?

A. Since every light pole and column is different, we ask for a measurement of the circumference. Simply take two measurements of the circumference of your pole or column, one at waist level and one at eye level with our FREE measuring kit. This gives your PoleZip a nice fit all the way up the pole.

A. Round, square, tapered or beveled…it just doesn’t matter. We can even put a PoleZip on a tree or Utility pole if allowed by your utility company.

A. Our PoleZips design to withstand heavy winds, rain, sleet and snow. PoleZips should last several years. Inks will fade over time.

A. Because they are easy to install, PoleZips can easily be moved to another location in a matter of minutes. Move them or change them when you have the need, on your time. No more waiting around for the expensive bucket truck or the installer from the local sign company.

A. PoleZips are made out of durable fabric material that hugs the street pole and can be left outside for a long time. Our zippers are heavy duty and are the same zippers used in the International Space Station along with our military.

A. Although nothing is safe from vandalism and theft in the world today. Since PoleZips zip from the bottom up and are secured at the top. It is difficult to remove unless you purchase our Pole Extension Hook for easy install and take down.

A. PoleZips offers a free design template with instructions to follow. If you need design assistance, PoleZips design department is more than ready to help you design your PoleZip for you.

A. Your kit includes: Your very own PoleZip, support rods, XL foam inserts (if ordered), Extension hook along with easy to install instructions.

A. Most orders deliver within 2 weeks of approval of artwork.

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