Columns & Pillars

Columns & Pillars   

Column Pillar advertising is a great way to get noticed. But advertising on them is not always been cost efficient...until now. PoleZips is custom fit to your column or pillar. And in less than 5 minutes, you can install it easily and get your message out. Indoors or outdoors, cement, wood or metal. Change out your campaigns or sale specials and store the past campaign for next year.

Machine washable, and Wind Resistant! PoleZips makes it easy to get you noticed.

• No sign company, ladder or lift truck needed

• No sticky residue or leftover adhesives

• Easily Self Installs in less than 5 minutes

• Secure, Affordable, Wind Resistant

• Machine Washable/Recycleable

• Fits any size pole or column indoors/outdoors

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